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28 Jun 2019 @ 12:36

Long detailed answers, puts lpads of effort into his readings, fast to reply and when he is busy,lets you know rather then leaving you to wait. Used aamir many a time, his timings are always spot on. Defo give him a try!

- Becky

24 Jun 2019 @ 18:48

The most recent readings sound quite general but one of the previous readings came to pass.

- Kiri

22 Jun 2019 @ 13:57

He is simply awesome

- Lily0404

22 Jun 2019 @ 12:35


- Lily0404

21 Jun 2019 @ 13:23

Thank you so much for your generous reading! :) You were right last time, and you made me feel even better this time! Can't wait for results to come and I stay positive! Thanks again :)

- Stingray

16 Jun 2019 @ 02:00

Derrek gives detailed answers, and hes honest doesnt tell you what you want to hear, I've gotten readings from him a few times and everything he said came true now I'm talking to my crush.

- Summer980

14 Jun 2019 @ 22:52

Everything he says about his personality is perfectly true, and his predictions are slowly unfolding so yeah 5 stars for Aamir once again! ♡

- Theresa

12 Jun 2019 @ 13:07

Thank you Diana everything you resonates with me ♡

- Theresa

06 Jun 2019 @ 18:37

so far going with the flow he is spot on. still waiting on something to come to past. but overall good reading as always. tells the facts.

- coco

06 Jun 2019 @ 16:35

Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I was looking for the opposite. I'm tried to respond but technical problems. However, I'll keep trying for you were great!!!!

- Lily0404

02 Jun 2019 @ 22:55

She was absolutely amazing.

- Lily0404

23 May 2019 @ 15:15

Sorry not feeling this reader she changed the story a few times saying energy changed .... I'm sorry what ?? no not psychic to me sucks I wasted money on this if I could give zero stars I would

- Amanda B

20 May 2019 @ 02:22

We will see if what she predicted will happen I will update later

- Amanda B

19 May 2019 @ 20:29

Thank you Amelia been very supportive ❤

- Theresa

18 May 2019 @ 12:55

Very Awesome Psychic!! You helped me a few months ago about how a girl would apologize in May... And WOW, 2 days ago; it happened Exactly how you said! You're awesome and I can't wait for your help this time to come to pass too! Thank you Greatly!

- Stingray

12 May 2019 @ 20:22

Always been spot on with my situation but like with all tfs it's so hard to predict a union only time can tells ❤

- Theresa

09 May 2019 @ 11:45

Diana is very connected soulmate specialist she knows her work very well, wish I could give her more than a 5 stars! ❤

- Theresa

09 May 2019 @ 06:45

Love ❤ Lisa accurate & patient

- Theresa

07 May 2019 @ 19:48

Sheela really has a gift. She said I will receive another contact shortly and I did. Seriously no one has EVER predicted communication from him and it happened. Wow!

- Mel

07 May 2019 @ 08:19

Wow he did reply back and he was neutral. NO ONE and I mean no one has ever predicted communication from him and it happened. Just wow, thanks!!

- Mel