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02 Sep 2018 @ 19:59

Hi hun I got your message thank you for clarifying that for me but his phone has been off all day and I'm assuming he's with a female because he wouldn't have his phone off if he wasn't with one I don't think

- Tyronda92

31 Aug 2018 @ 10:33

OMG! prediction PASS. He contacted me today as she predicted. She is gifted psychic.

- Erin

25 Aug 2018 @ 14:43

Very true & no sugar coated for her readings. It may not be what I wana hear but it's better to hear the truth. I will move on.

- CE

25 Aug 2018 @ 09:51

Her readings comfort me, and all the questions were well answered. Hope the predictions will come to pass soon

- CE

11 Aug 2018 @ 15:43

Rebecca is honest with her readings and doesn't sugarcoat. Thank u so much for your detailed explanations on my situation. I appreciate your patience and clarity. You are very kind.

- Belinda

08 Aug 2018 @ 10:01

When I was feeling down and out, she gave me hope and assured me of my future. Her predictions finally come to pass. She is an amazing psychic.

- jackie

07 Aug 2018 @ 21:01

Thank you so much for your detailed reading. I truly appreciate your patience and clarity on the topic. You are very kind.

- Juliet

05 Aug 2018 @ 11:07

Thank you very much for your detailed reply, much appreciated, will chat soon.

- Amber

04 Aug 2018 @ 22:52

Amelia is very honest. I've enjoyed my past readings with her. She picks up things amazingly. I feel blown away by her accuracy with readings. She know these things on so little information.

- Meera

04 Aug 2018 @ 20:59

OMG you were so right. Can't wait for predictions to come true.

- Bianca

08 Jun 2018 @ 16:06

She is wonderful advisor and so sweet & helpful. She is emphatic, she listen to all problems and then gives reading for each of them. She doesn't misses any question. Thank you Lisa!

- Maria

08 Jun 2018 @ 15:49

So detailed reply. I'm feeling very positive and waiting for prediction to come true. I'll update later.

- Joseph

08 Jun 2018 @ 15:02

Wow. What a detailed reading! It has got me excited for what the future holds. I hope the prediction passes. Thanks!

- Katie

08 Jun 2018 @ 14:37

So far whatever she has told me is very accurate. She was able to delve into my past and told me things which I didn't tell to anyone. Can't wait for her predictions to come to pass.

- Laura

08 Jun 2018 @ 14:33

Lisa is amazing, she is talented & gifted. Her predictions were spot on.

- Samanta