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11 Apr 2024 @ 19:59

Picked up instantly, tuned to my situation and gave non-judgemental reading. Will come back to her for more reading.

- Zara Mahoney

31 Dec 2023 @ 14:25

Sorry for the delay in testimonials! I have asked Manish alooot of questions bout many different men and every time he has been accurate and has never just told me what I want to hear. Always fast and clear responses. Thanks alot for your help.

- Becky

31 Oct 2023 @ 13:18

Prediction pass.

- Sally Richardson

05 Oct 2023 @ 18:11

Thanks again, sorry for the late testimonial, the app never said you replied!

- Becky

02 Jun 2023 @ 15:15

Just reading through old readings, always been accurate.Looking forward to your response. Thanks again for all your help

- Becky

04 Mar 2023 @ 08:41

Thanks for the long and detailed answer, your right bout him being interesting. Thanks again :)

- Becky

30 Dec 2022 @ 09:45

I was having a lot of doubts and️ she always put my mind at ease, thank u so much.

- Leah

17 Dec 2022 @ 13:45

Looking at previous readings, Manish has always been accurate for me and never just says what you want to hear. I have had readings with him on another app and again, always been right. Also replies fast and with clear,detailed responses. Thanks Manish, sorry for the long over due review!!

- Becky

14 Dec 2022 @ 22:44

I felt like she knew the situation without me giving a lot of information. Will try her again soon! Thanks so much.

- Trine

14 Dec 2022 @ 09:44

She really connected well with my situation. The time frames were correct. I recommend her.

- Terri

13 Dec 2022 @ 10:58

Just so amazing and detailed. She sees the outcome and tells you just how it is and what to expect with lots of care and wisdom. So blessed to read with ther!!! Thank you so much!!!!

- Angela Yeager

12 Dec 2022 @ 11:24

Update: prediction came true, she did reach out and is starting again. Can you come back online?

- Virginia

11 Dec 2022 @ 17:09

Thank you so much!

- Nicole

11 Dec 2022 @ 10:59

My reading with Amelia was informative, inspiring and helpful. She offered good insights regarding my current situation. She was absolutely spot on in her information regarding past and present situations. Can't wait for prediction to pass.

- Tilly Johnston

08 Dec 2022 @ 01:38

Thank You So Much! Will follow up! Very thorough and helpful. Answered all my questions thoroughly in a time that I would want to hear. I am very blessed with your gift and am very grateful that you’ve shared it with me. I know I can come to you every time that I want answers or guidance.

- Aarifa Amble

08 Sep 2022 @ 17:30


- sm

08 Sep 2022 @ 17:10


- sm

30 Apr 2022 @ 20:17

Has always been really accurate, never just says what one wants to hear. Always honest. Would recommend getting a reading with Amelia. Thanks

- Becky

13 Feb 2022 @ 13:46

She picked up quickly and connected well. Detailed reading can't wait for predictions to pass.

- Iva

07 Feb 2022 @ 14:54

She is the best advisor here.

- Debbie