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07 Sep 2018 @ 17:22

She's amazingly accurate!! I will go to her from now on with my questions thank you hun ☺☺

- Tyronda92

04 Sep 2018 @ 17:19

Thank you Sheela.. We're not break up but we made up everything. He feels sorry for ignoring me because he needs space and had a though week last week. I'll learn to understand to someone else's needs

- Jojo

04 Sep 2018 @ 17:16

Thank you for your advice. I keep contact him even though he's ignoring me and no need to wait any longer, he contact me back and she's right that my bf has money issue and struggling for it right now. He feel sorry about that and ask me to understand. Thank you Lisa. You do really know to understand people and make me calm. I'm super happy now and try to be more realistic and understanding to someone needs than mine.

- Jojo

03 Sep 2018 @ 02:10

thank you.:)

- sm

02 Sep 2018 @ 22:06

Amelia is so nice she listened to my situation her predictions pass within time frame

- Tanya

02 Sep 2018 @ 21:59

Hi hun I got your message thank you for clarifying that for me but his phone has been off all day and I'm assuming he's with a female because he wouldn't have his phone off if he wasn't with one I don't think

- Tyronda92

31 Aug 2018 @ 12:33

OMG! prediction PASS. He contacted me today as she predicted. She is gifted psychic.

- Erin

25 Aug 2018 @ 16:43

Very true & no sugar coated for her readings. It may not be what I wana hear but it's better to hear the truth. I will move on.

- CE

25 Aug 2018 @ 11:51

Her readings comfort me, and all the questions were well answered. Hope the predictions will come to pass soon

- CE

11 Aug 2018 @ 17:43

Rebecca is honest with her readings and doesn't sugarcoat. Thank u so much for your detailed explanations on my situation. I appreciate your patience and clarity. You are very kind.

- Belinda

08 Aug 2018 @ 12:01

When I was feeling down and out, she gave me hope and assured me of my future. Her predictions finally come to pass. She is an amazing psychic.

- jackie

07 Aug 2018 @ 23:01

Thank you so much for your detailed reading. I truly appreciate your patience and clarity on the topic. You are very kind.

- Juliet

05 Aug 2018 @ 13:07

Thank you very much for your detailed reply, much appreciated, will chat soon.

- Amber

05 Aug 2018 @ 00:52

Amelia is very honest. I've enjoyed my past readings with her. She picks up things amazingly. I feel blown away by her accuracy with readings. She know these things on so little information.

- Meera

04 Aug 2018 @ 22:59

OMG you were so right. Can't wait for predictions to come true.

- Bianca

08 Jun 2018 @ 18:06

She is wonderful advisor and so sweet & helpful. She is emphatic, she listen to all problems and then gives reading for each of them. She doesn't misses any question. Thank you Lisa!

- Maria

08 Jun 2018 @ 17:49

So detailed reply. I'm feeling very positive and waiting for prediction to come true. I'll update later.

- Joseph

08 Jun 2018 @ 17:02

Wow. What a detailed reading! It has got me excited for what the future holds. I hope the prediction passes. Thanks!

- Katie

08 Jun 2018 @ 16:37

So far whatever she has told me is very accurate. She was able to delve into my past and told me things which I didn't tell to anyone. Can't wait for her predictions to come to pass.

- Laura

08 Jun 2018 @ 16:33

Lisa is amazing, she is talented & gifted. Her predictions were spot on.

- Samanta