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Twin Flame Specialist, Know Their Thoughts And Feelings

I am a T.V and Radio Psychic, a natural born psychic with a third generation blood line, My psychic gifts were present from a young age and I was encouraged by my grandmother to use them with ease. I have been working with spirit as my main guides and also have experience in angel therapy and cards, as well as crystals and tarot. I fully believe in the power of nature and connect to my pagan guides to give the most accurate readings, Specializing in love and relationships. You will not be disappointed chat with me now and lets get you back on the right track.


Amelia's Testimonials

06 Jan 2019 @ 21:53

The reading was okay but not detailed at all no real timeline or details were given very surface not impressed

- Rc07

30 Dec 2018 @ 00:44

Really appreciated her advice and how quickly she replied. As of right now she seems to be spot on in her predictions

- Klynn

24 Dec 2018 @ 14:01

She replied very quickly and gave me a timeframe to look forward to. She said something that I had not mentioned about the poi which further confirmed her accuracy. She does photo readings as well which I did and she was fast and excellent with that as well. Try her out!

- Crystal

18 Dec 2018 @ 03:46

I wanted a tym coming months is not a tym frame...plz provide a proper time....i will update rating..

- Rm

13 Dec 2018 @ 12:24

Said I would meet someone online dating .I do not do online dating at all because it is too creepy for me..I do not even answer messages from men I do not know on facebook . Anyway gave broad time frame as in next year. Asked another question and question said in a very short answer public gathering ect.

- Deb

12 Oct 2018 @ 18:41

Um I'm confused, you said in a few weeks he'd come back, now your saying he is still with the other girl and will co e back by the end of the year. What in the world

- Mel

10 Oct 2018 @ 11:07

Thank you, things at work are back to normal

- Mel

20 Sep 2018 @ 11:27

She is very good, she picks up everything that is happening, its good to have her guide me

- Leah

18 Sep 2018 @ 18:40

She has been so accurate

- Mel

17 Sep 2018 @ 10:59

You were right he did respond and was not mean. Thank you.

- Mel

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